Thursday, March 1, 2018

The new house

We had been unpacking for a day when Katie called to say Chris was going to be away for business for 4 days and she would be on her own. She decided to come to visit!!! Yipee! Our first weekend visitors! We worked like made to put away boxes and find lights and kitchen items so we would be ready for her and the four little ones! It was great! Dave ran out and found a rug for the breakfast room. I love it!
We had such a good time. Katie came with a big pot of soup and homemade bread! Can you belive it! Then we made brownies and cookies!!!!
 She got that stove and kitchen broken in!
The girls got busy with some painting and found some toys. (Excuse my fuzzy pictures)
Eric came and joined us after work on Friday too!
The girls took a ride on the roller coaster!

The kids loved runing and doing summer saults for their "Oympics" on the mattress pads I laid down in one of the bedrooms. They were dancing and having a blast. Rosie was telling Dave all about it too!
The next day we were able to explore a bit outside. Eleanor decided it was the right time to water the plants. 

Then it came time to just run and explore.
Snack time anyone?

I took and little nap with the babies in the sun...wonderful!
After a really fine time with the kids, Jane even warmed up to Dave enough to let him help her put on her shoes. So sweet!
The funnist story was when we were all in the family room and heard some scraping noises upstairs. I went to check it out and Jane was pushing a wooden stool she found in my bedroom toward the stairs. She said she was going to push it down the stairs and than over to the pantry so she could get some crackers for Eleanor for a snack. Eleanor wanted some! Oh my! My heart is bursting!

Moving forward!

After weeks of very cold weather and lots of rain and snow, there was a prediction of a warm sunny day last Wednesday so Dave said...just do it... and I called the movers!
I had been packing...

 The movers loaded it up. Wow, it took longer than I expected!

Soon the rooms were emptying....

After 5 hours they were ready to head out to Round Hill. I thought I had more photos but I just can't find them on my phone. I had pictures of the two loaded truks and some unloading but can't find them. Needless to say, I am moved! The house still has quite a bit of stuff to get rid of. Eric stopped by and sent me a text, "You still have a TON to do!"

More to come....

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Happy Birthday Eric! And babysitting!

A little late but finally got to celebrate a dinner and cake with Eric! Happy birthday son! You are such a joy to my life! Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me!  We had dinner of his choice, Chicken Parmesan. It was good! Then a cake I made quickly after driving home from Williamsburg.
Eric is off to Canada with friends on Friday. Should be a great trip!

I went down to babysit so Chris and Katie go to a formal dinner this weekend. It was great to see them all. The babies have filled out so much since New Years. They are smiling and will look at you when talking to them and are so hug-able! 
 The girls helped mom make scones for breakfast on Saturday.
Jane had fun with my magic glasses. 
We had a great time at a basketball game. It was Charter Day. Chris did a wonderful job putting on a tailgate for the Basketball alumni. We all got t-shirts when we went in. 
Eleanor was showing her spirit with a golden pom pom ponytail!
Most of my pictures were fuzzy so I will spare you more. We came home and had a pizza movie night. Chris and Katie looked fabulous in their formal tux and dress. Katie will post photos as I don't have one.
 I managed pretty well with the four kids on my own but as we were reading a bedtime story, the babies couldn't wait any longer and we had to stop. I was hoping to get the older girls in bed so I could feed the babies their bottles but I waited too long. Eleanor said she could help feed Rosie so I got the bottles ready and gave her Rosie to feed. Jane fed Ben with a little support. They did a great job! Unfortunately I only have a photo of Eleanor and Rosie when the bottle was almost empty! I had my hands full.
 Happy babies!!!! We finished our bedtime story and Eleanor and Jane went right to bed. Thanks girls!
Thanks for letting me help. I had a wonderful time! I must not let so much time go by before seeing them again!

Slow and steady

It is so hard to stay focused with so many things pulling for needed attention. I get started with one project and move to another and just keep going. I do like getting things done. Work keeps getting in the way too:)

There were holes in the wall from bolts and screws and just age so I thought I would test out some fresh paint colors in the kitchen, family room and foyer. I was trying to lighten it up and add some neutral gray to go with my sofa and love-seat.
I just couldn't get into the dramatic change right away so I had to try to patch up what I painted. What a job! I ended up repainting the entire family room with the color match paint. It actually wan't too bad. The hardest paint was getting all the strips redone in the kitchen and finding matching paint colors. 
 This is Oyster Bay in the basement. There was a dart board on this wall. The entire thing needed patching.
Found a farm table on craigslist and brought it in. It is a bit smaller than ideal but I love the wood! It goes with my Windsor chairs just fine.
Look at this transformation!
 Now time to focus on packing..... :)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

A short break

The Frontier flights were too low to resist... I got another great $30 flight so I went down to Florida for a brief few days of sun and rest from cleaning.
The weather was nice, warmer than Virginia. It was nice to walk on the beach where the shells and birds were plentiful!
 Even found a full sand dollar we threw back in and a scary looking jellyfish. 
We ate some great fish and other meals, plus a yoga class and a visit to the gardens.
 We went to a local artists gallery. He does a great job painting the local birds and turtles. Dave has a few of his paintings.
 Stopped for a walk near the inter-coastal too

I only stayed a couple days. Now I am starting the packing up here in Leesburg. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I am so glad Katie called and wants to come visit in April. I have some motivation!