Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A send off!

The time has arrived. This weekend Lauren and Benny are off to California! It's an exciting time for them. I got to help a bit in the packing as you saw in Lauren's post. Here are a few pics
Eric organized it all so well! Everything fit in the POD just as planned. 
This past weekend they came to Leesburg for a last little barbecue before they headed out. We had a great time! Just visited, went to the park, played in the yard...
 My helper with the icing for our cake....
Loved the" Antelope buns"!
Eric played with E in the basement and she was very busy setting up her necklace store!
The next day we spent some time at the pool. It was fun!
 Soon it was time to eat!
and play CanJam
 And had some strawberry cake too!
This was one tired little girl!
It was time for some goodbyes! Here are my babies all grown up!
  Sad to say good bye but so excited to watch them start a new chapter in San Diego!
Have fun Lauren and Benny!! As Eleanor said, "Its okay, I am coming to visit you."
See you soon!

Friday, June 2, 2017

The News

Okay, change is hard for me. I am very excited for the wonderful opportunity for Lauren and Benny. He is taking a good job offer in San Diego!! And they are moving before the end of the month!!! Oh I will be sad to not have them close by but I am already planning to visit. That means I can plan more trips to California! I am looking forward to that.

We got together for Memorial Day weekend at Chis and Katie's in the event they don't see them before they take off across county. We headed straight to the water park.
The Day was overcast so there were no lines at any of the long slides. They took on some crazy trips! The one puts you into a contraption with a count down and the floor drops out and shoots you down a tube!!!
 This shows Benny and Lauren in the tube

 Here is another where you slide in a free fall. Scary!
More rides!

 Chis took Eleanor down too!
 Jane watched every move!
Katie made a great lunch for everyone. We had wraps, apples, cheese puffs and more. It was great. As soon as we got under the lunch covering the rain came and what a downpour!!! 
We waited for it to pass. We went back out for more rides and it was misting  but we were wet so on we went! Lazy river...
 Lauren had a blast!
After a great day we went back to Chris and Katie's. We played a game and then Chris got stated on the grill and Katie made and awesome pasta salad and corn and brownies. Yum!!

Thanks for a wonderful day!!!


What a month! Lots of activity and events. Holly came by for a short but very sweet visit. We had dinner with Eric and Lauren. We stopped at my favorite secret garden at Shoe Cup and Cork and while we had coffee and tv show was being filmed for House Hunters. Keep an eye out, you might see us! The next day we went to Arlington cemetery to visit MaryAnn. It is a beautiful setting with a view of the Washington monument and Holly shared some childhood stories. Thanks Holly. I really enjoyed it.
I was treated to a wonderful lunch with the kids in Tysons Corner and then we stopped for a great walk at the Botanical Gardens to see the park in the Spring. The newlyweds looked just at happy as in February!

I took a trip to Florida and Dave and I drove back up to Virginia through the back roads of Georgia and North Carolina into Tennessee. It was a a beautiful time and we saw many waterfalls and gorges and a great swamp too. We stopped at a friends in Tennessee and saw areas I never would have thought to visit. 
The stairs were steep climbing down the gorge
The drive along the Blue Ridge Mountain Pkwy was lovely
Dave found a waterfall with a rock slide. It was cold!!!
We hiked to a waterfall that we could walk behind and look out. Beautiful.

We stayed at an off the path inn near Ashville NC. It it near the highest place the train used to stop where folks would come to get away from the heat. No AC needed!

A visit to a friend in Tennessee. They live on a lake with gorgeous views!
This is the Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon VA. It is very artsy town with a play going on and wonderful ice cream!
Just a really fine drive! Than all the news started rolling in.....