Thursday, July 19, 2018

More family reunion fun!

After our big July 4th celebration we settled down to a some nice relaxation by the pool. The guys got to work on getting all the toys in place.
 Sliding down for the kids and relaxing in the raft for mom!
Eleanor played a bit of T-ball, and a few of us did some Frisbee golf, Can Jam.
There were some tractor rides, collecting eggs, more pool time...
Even the 1000 piece puzzle was completed!
 One morning we headed over to the Great County Farm. Eric's military service got us all in for free!
There was so much to do! Mining for gold, jumping on the monster balloon, slides, obstacle course and more!
The race was on!
The girls did great!
On top of the world!
There was just so much to do! After some lunch we went to visit Dave at the Burwell Morgan Mill. He gave us a nice tour.
We had several smores nights. It was delicious!
And several ice cream sundaes for the girls. 
Grandpa taught the girls to fire up those marsh mellows!
Dave thought is best to keep the princess dress out of the fire.
We even got to go to our little stone church up the road for Sunday service!
I am feeling very blessed. Thank you all for spending your week with us! It was awesome!
I forgot to mention...our AC went out the day everyone arrived. 
It was a very hot week and we all got by with just a room ac unit in the kitchen and family room and you still see all these wonderful smiles!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

July 4th!

This was such a wonderful week!!! It was so great to have everyone here and enjoying themselves. I loved every moment! It was even more special because Grandpa and Grammy were here and got to meet the twins! Here just a few pictures.
Grammy helped name the chickens, Buffy, Freckles, Penny and Bully
Ben and Rosie were so cute!
Grandpa read Eleanor a story
                                  Dave and the girls had dinner on the porch!
Watching the swimmers. Soon it was time for cake and or Fourth of July parade. Lauren or Katie will share some photos of that.
Dave had fireworks from over 10 years ago in a box. It was awesome! They lit up the sky!!!
The girls got all kinds of fun dresses from Linda and Dad's trips
                                                            They were so cute!
                                                               Now this is sweet!
We had two little dancing fairy's most of the week!
Much more to come!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

10 years!

Happy Anniversary to this most amazing couple.
I can't believe it's already been 10 years. Congratulations! It's a joy watching you live, love and play together!!! I love you Katie and Chris!!!