Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A send off!

The time has arrived. This weekend Lauren and Benny are off to California! It's an exciting time for them. I got to help a bit in the packing as you saw in Lauren's post. Here are a few pics
Eric organized it all so well! Everything fit in the POD just as planned. 
This past weekend they came to Leesburg for a last little barbecue before they headed out. We had a great time! Just visited, went to the park, played in the yard...
 My helper with the icing for our cake....
Loved the" Antelope buns"!
Eric played with E in the basement and she was very busy setting up her necklace store!
The next day we spent some time at the pool. It was fun!
 Soon it was time to eat!
and play CanJam
 And had some strawberry cake too!
This was one tired little girl!
It was time for some goodbyes! Here are my babies all grown up!
  Sad to say good bye but so excited to watch them start a new chapter in San Diego!
Have fun Lauren and Benny!! As Eleanor said, "Its okay, I am coming to visit you."
See you soon!


Katie said...

Was a Great Weekend!

La-Jan said...

Great last weekend post! How she'll be missed!

Lauren said...

Such a fun weekend! Thank you for being so supportive, I can't wait to see you out here soon :) :)