Friday, June 2, 2017

The News

Okay, change is hard for me. I am very excited for the wonderful opportunity for Lauren and Benny. He is taking a good job offer in San Diego!! And they are moving before the end of the month!!! Oh I will be sad to not have them close by but I am already planning to visit. That means I can plan more trips to California! I am looking forward to that.

We got together for Memorial Day weekend at Chis and Katie's in the event they don't see them before they take off across county. We headed straight to the water park.
The Day was overcast so there were no lines at any of the long slides. They took on some crazy trips! The one puts you into a contraption with a count down and the floor drops out and shoots you down a tube!!!
 This shows Benny and Lauren in the tube

 Here is another where you slide in a free fall. Scary!
More rides!

 Chis took Eleanor down too!
 Jane watched every move!
Katie made a great lunch for everyone. We had wraps, apples, cheese puffs and more. It was great. As soon as we got under the lunch covering the rain came and what a downpour!!! 
We waited for it to pass. We went back out for more rides and it was misting  but we were wet so on we went! Lazy river...
 Lauren had a blast!
After a great day we went back to Chris and Katie's. We played a game and then Chris got stated on the grill and Katie made and awesome pasta salad and corn and brownies. Yum!!

Thanks for a wonderful day!!!


Katie said...

It was a super fun day! Crazy that they're moving though! Wish it wasn't so!

Lauren said...

Definitely a WONDERFUL day! And also crazy about the move... it's been a lot to process!

LA-jan said...

Looks like a great day! And WELCOME to California, Lauren and Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!